Top Dollar Auctions


Have a deadline?  It takes six to eight weeks from booking your auction to going to the closing table. You can complete your closing by mail and receive your funds by wire or cashiers check. 


No back and forth negotiations!  The sales contract is signed and the 10% non-refundable earnest money is collected on the day of the auction. 

Fair For All

By selling at auction, all parties are given the chance to bid or take their share of the proceeds.  It lets one heir keep something they want and the others take their inheritance as money. 

Contingency Free

Real estate sold at auction is sold "as is" with no warranty except for clear title. Buyers pay their own closing costs, secure their financing and conduct all inspections prior to the auction. 


Nothing compares to the atmosphere of excitment at an auction with every potential buyer coming face to face to battle for the deed.  

Brings Closure

When you select your auction date, you will know when you will receive your money. Knowing this can alleviate many stressful situations.